I made a PS3 Theme.

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Quick Kick
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I made a PS3 Theme.

Post by Quick Kick »

I'm not completely done yet. I designed the main cross bar Icons and I am still working on all the rest. There were a lot more then what I had thought. I spent all day working on this.


Here is what it looks like on my TV taken by my camera. I can never take a good shot, I have no idea how others are taking pictures of their tv so well.

Here is how to get it on your ps3
1. Unzip the file from your PC and place it your Memory Stick
or USB storage, and connect it to PLAYSTATION(R)3.

2. Select "Settings" > "Theme Settings" > "Theme" in the system software
and install a theme file from the recording media.

3. Select "Settings" > "Theme Settings" > "Theme" in the system
software again. A list of theme files will be shown in the option menu.

4. Select a theme file and "Apply". This theme will be applied to the
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Re: I made a PS3 Theme.

Post by Entroper »

That's awesome. Great work QK.


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Chips Reynolds
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Re: I made a PS3 Theme.

Post by Chips Reynolds »

That is pretty cool.

I like the lettering a lot. You should incorporate that into a new banner for Darren to use on the forums here.
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Re: I made a PS3 Theme.

Post by DngrsDrrn »

That's freaking awesome, QK!
It done blowed up!
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