Sorry! Poker Style.

Because they're more than just Sorry! or Monopoly.

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Sorry! Poker Style.

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One night at Magfest this year, we got bored waiting for some friends to show up and play Dominion. And there was a whole huge table full of card games, including stuff like Sorry!, which we grabbed.

I was thumbing through the rulebook, and on the back, they had a "variation for adults". Instead of just drawing a card and playing it, you draw five cards and keep them in your hand. Every turn, you play a card from your hand and draw a new one.

Suddenly, the game has strategy, and it turns out to have quite a bit of strategy. You can keep a Sorry! card in your hand, waiting to play it until your opponent is most of the way around the board. You can keep an 11 and trade places with an opponent at an opportune time. You can save up a 7 for when you've got a guy close to being home, and you need an exact count to get him there (since you can split 7s). Hold onto your 4s until you get a 1 or a 2, then pop out of Start and go backwards, putting you right in front of home. The possibilities are endless.

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Re: Sorry! Poker Style.

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I haven't played this game since I was a kid. Did you guys incorporate drinking into it as well?
It done blowed up!

Odine wrote:No I agree, Dngrsdrrn just served you.

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