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I played this game at Magfest this year, and really enjoyed it. It's the only co-op board game I've ever played.

You basically act as CDC members and try to prevent the world from being consumed by disease. Each player has special abilities, and it's quite easy for your team to lose the game. IMO a computer game of this would be awesome.

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Re: Pandemic!

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Pandemic is the shit! I used to play it often with NyQ and a couple others back when I was in MI. I bought it, then I moved to TX and had nobody to really play it with, so I traded it for a game on boardgamegeek

I miss it though. Looks easy enough, but ultimately is a very tough game

Try the expansions if you can. There is one that is similar to Scotland Yard where you are chasing a bio terrorist but have no idea where he is each turn. You just have to figure it out based on bread crumbs left behind. I was never the player that was that guy though, but it seemed fun to be that guy :)

I always liked being the Medic

Also, they have it on an emulator that I cant recall the exact name of at the moment (breittswit or something like that). You can play it online there :)
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