sniper rifle ><

What game? Does it rox0r's? Is it free *hint hint*? Who's playing?
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sniper rifle ><

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god this is one of the hardest sniper rifles i have ever played in FPS before.. cant get the fucker to hit my targets... i hope once i get the game today it has a training part.. im gonna practice this bitch all day...if not.. ill stick wit spec ops/ anti v
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Spec ops ftw

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Even in BF:1942 the Sniper Rifle took some practice to get used to. It's nothing like the Call of Duty sniper rifle or anything else at all.
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It's not bad, just make sure to SLIGHTLY lead them a little, and for anything over 100 meters you have to raise the crosshair about half a finger's width. Or at least in that general area.

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assualt for teh win
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Jaihe wrote:Spec ops ftw

I had unlocked my new spec ops gun but my stupid fkin internet died :(:(:(
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