Buying old machines

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Buying old machines

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It's crazy how the retro gaming scene is going these days. Early this year I picked up an Amiga 2000 and about a month and a half ago I picked up a TRS-80. Both of them need work. I'm currently working on the TRS-80. There were some power issues, some video issues, and a rom issue. But, I just got some new cables in the mail from, and I'm hoping it'll fix my rom issue.

The Amiga might already work, but I haven't taken the time to set it back up. There was an issue getting a keyboard and mouse to work with it. It also had the exploding battery issue that pretty much all of the Amigas get where the Ni-Cad leaks all over the board and destroys traces and connections. I bought some ps2 -> amiga adapters for the mouse and keyboard and hopefully that's all it needs. I had to get a new copy of workbench as well. I'll keep everyone posted!
It done blowed up!
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